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Why Advertise in Free
Classified Ad Sites?

Here's why:

What is one of "the most popular" traditional marketing tools used by small business to reach HUGE audiences with minimal investment?

Not sure? Let me give you a hint?

You will find them in most every single newspaper on the face of the earth! You got it...

Classified Advertising!

Now at this point, you may be likely to get confused. We're talking about cutting edge Internet marketing here, right?
So why am I rambling on about classified advertising in newspapers?

Did you know that advertisers spent almost $18 billion in newspaper classified ads in 2006? This total dollar amount is more than almost every other category of advertising media.

Look at the numbers!


The answer is simple:

Classified advertising is not only a valuable marketing tool offline, it is also a powerful way to reach thousands of potential customers and generate incredible profits ONLINE? all with none, or very little investment!

How can this be?

Well, think about this for a moment. I think we can all agree that placing a classified ad in your local paper is a great way to sell your car, sell your house, advertise your garage sale, sell puppies or kittens? and the list goes on, right?

Well consider this: When people are perusing the classified ad section of their Sunday paper, they're not always looking to buy. They're probably just snooping to see what they MIGHT like to purchase?, at least that's what I do...sound familiar?

It's human nature to see if there are any good deals out there. So when they come across the perfect bike? that pair of skis they've been wanting? the perfect leather sofa? they may be tempted by the offer, but unwilling to make the effort to pick up the phone, arrange an appointment to view the product, drive out to see what's being offered, and then write a check.

This is a LOT of effort when you're only curious or slightly tempted.

This is exactly why online classified ads have a HUGE advantage over regular classified ads. Electronic classified ads remove the hassles and barriers? giving people greater incentive and ease to investigate your offer, and actually BUYING IT!

Think about it?

You've posted an ad for your product. A curious shopper is snooping about, reading the various offers when they come across your ad. Your offer intrigues them and they want to know more, so they simply click on the link that you have conveniently provided them with. Voila! They arrive at your site where they can view your product, read your sales copy, and easily make their purchase online.

It's quick, it's easy, it's hassle free? and you capture the sales of impulse buyers!

So with that in mind, wouldn't it be nice if you could take advantage of the thousands of electronic classified ad sites available out there? Just imagine what this FREE advertising could do for your business!

Now at this point, I know you're probably thinking, "But I don't have time to spend hours and hours locating all of those resources, let alone the time it will take to submit to them all."

I know! Believe me, I know!

You see, this is the same problem that I once faced, and this is exacly why I created The Online Classified Club!

I knew that classified ads held explosive sales potential? but the time commitment involved in submitting and maintaining the ads was just too great to make it worth the effort.

But now, that's all changed!

I've already done all the hard work for you, and thanks to my new software, you'll NEVER have to type the same thing twice--ever again!

Couple that with my "secret list" of online submitters, you can automatically submit your ads to over 250,000 sites across the web! Yes, you heard it right-- over 250,000 sites!

Even better, not only can you promote to the free classified ad sites, I've packed my members site with literally DOZENS of online tools that cover most every aspect of web site promotion. From newsgroups, to doorway pages--search engine submissions, to ezines--you'll learn it all! But you'll not only learn it--you'll do it! Why? Because I packed the members site with not only the skills you'll need, but the TOOLS and resources to actually do it!

You will save months, if not years of precious time and wasted effort by automatically submitting your classified ads to 1000's of Free Classified Ad Sites? all with a few clicks of your mouse.

Harnessing the power of electronic classified ads just became incredibly easy! Finally, you can take advantage of this marketing goldmine, using the no fuss, no hassle technology of the Online Classified Club.

Without the Classified Club, harnessing the power of classified ads would be nearly impossible. The time commitment involved in making a success of this one technique would mean neglecting ALL other aspects of your business? from customer service to testing new promotions. Do you think your $29 investment in my members site would cover 3 years of your time and aggrevation in having to learn what I'll show you in just a few hours?

You should never focus all of your energy on one aspect of your business? or one technique. An effective marketing strategy employs a diverse array of marketing techniques and tactics. The Online Classified Club allows you to do just that.

You can get in, take advantage of these explosive techniques, and get out before even a single hour has passed. It just doesn't get much better than this!

So if you're interested in adding some power to your arsenal of marketing tools, Click here for instant access. And please, don't hesitate? because I guarantee that your competitors won't!

Joe Bellshaw
"The Admaster"
The Online Classified Club
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