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Business Expressions Endorses S.P.McGreevy Productions

Cutting Edge VLF Radio Receiver - Affiliate Program World Renown Pioneer VLF Product- Great Comm%! Quality Product

Business Expressions, the new product division of Intelligent Decisions is proud to announce our endorsement of the Realm of Natural VLF Radio website, with associated products. The creator and founder of S. P. McGreevy Productions, developed this prototype receiver in 1991. He has been published, and interviewed on International TV & radio, including the BBC. His site says is very comprehensive. After you visit the site and check out the product, contact us via email (subj. VLF), and we will discuss the commission payment structure for your services. We are thrilled and honored to participate in promoting a quality product that is quite new to the general public, but has been recognized and respected in scientific and academic circles for some time. Hobbyists are quickly discovering this product. Help the VLF Receiver, Earth sounds CD, and associated publications gain the exposure they deserve. Previously available by catalog & site sales only. Also, recorded CDs of natural earth sounds are available, international interest is growing rapidly! Publications available as well, this is a solid non-mass produced item, a unique and potentially challenging product for the right marketers! VISIT THE REALM OF VLF RADIO - CHECK OUT THE RECEIVER, SOUNDFILES, ETC.!

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