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My name is Corri, and I work at home stuffing envelopes with various types of sales literature. I have been doing this kind of work for OVER 10 YEARS. I insert sales literature into envelopes, seal them, and mail them. It’s called “Stuffing Envelopes” for short. It is a great way to make EXTRA MONEY and Spend Time At Home With Your Kids!

People are skeptical when I tell them what I do. But when I show them my Checks, they ask how they can do it too!

I make approximately $2.00 For Each Envelope I Stuff & Mail!

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I have been researching companies offering work-at-home jobs for OVER 10 YEARS!

When I first started envelope stuffing, I answered ads and wrote to companies listed in home employment directories. I have sent for many different programs and invested $100’s in order to try them out and find that one perfect program. I have come across quite a few rip-offs!

I don’t want other people to have to spend their money the way I did! So, I compiled EXPERT ADVISE from all of these programs into one Easy To Use & Easy To Read Insider’s Plan To: Stuffing Envelopes.

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You will be able to get started Earning Money the Same Day you receive the booklet! The work is Simple, Easy, and Not Demanding! All you have to do is take copies of the standard, lettersized (81/2”X11”) circular that I provide you with in your booklet and fold them into the envelopes you will receive. After you have folded and inserted the circulars into the envelopes and deposit them in your mail for an immediate payment. There is no personal contact involved, nor is door-to-door / telemarketing sales required!

(If you would like a directory of other companies just note it on your order form and I will gladly send it for free with your booklet).

The SECOND OPPORTUNITY involves the opportunity for you to START YOUR OWN BUSINESS And Keep All The Profits, using all the Experience, Material, and Guidance I provide you! Full reprint rights are included! 100% COMMISSION!!!

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