Drive a New Car for Only $795 Down & $100 a Month

95% Credit Approval -- Absolutely No Hidden Costs

The smell of a new car is second to none for some. A 2 year, 24,000 mile no hassle lease means peace of mind. The steering is tight the tires are new and forget repairs you're under warranty. Ah, what a feeling.

This offer may seem unbelievable. The price for a new car is typically much higher and with so many people with bad credit how can a company boast a 95% approval rate. Let me explain. First of all there is no selling required to get a $12,000 automobile and this is not network marketing. You simply pay the $795 and $100 a month for two years. The company is able to qualify for the low payments because of the long and outstanding relationships with the car dealers, a network of over 4000. Besides this clout they also bring to the table the leverage of over 8000 members who are repeat car leasers. They pay your lease in full for the two years before you take possession. A lease paid in full is hard to deny regardless of credit history.

I know a $12,000 car doesn't give that many options, so once your driving your new car tell others about the great deal you got. As an incentive we will arrange to get you a higher priced car, possibly even before your first lease is up. What will 15, 20, 30, or even $80,000 dollars get you in a car these days.

You deserve a new car, the average cost of repairs on a used car per year are nearly the same as the down payment/membership cost. If you don't need the car personally, what about your spouse, child or parents. For this price you could afford to give away a car.

The company is a Dun and Bradstreet New York Corporation. They have leased thousands of vehicles, as well as millions of dollars in equipment leases since June, 1984. In addition to serving consumers, professionals, famous personalities, and small companies, they have also service large corporations like IBM.

As a industry leader the Company understands the ever-changing auto leasing industry. Now everyone can drive a new car. Think your credit precludes approval? Not when this Company guarantees your lease. They have a 95% credit approval rate, so rest assured. They are on your side.

78% of American drivers wish they had a new car and 19 million people are in the market to buy or lease a car, 94 million others wish they were. If you are someone who wants a new car, the information packet I have to offer you will tell you how to get it.


What if getting a $12,000 car isn't as easy as you say or I think? Fine. Send us your original copy of the information packet and we will refund your money, plus shipping, plus interest.

Simply, send $29.95 to Any American at 4324 Jessica Circle, Fremont, CA 94555.

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