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I can tell you this ... when I started to use Classified Club, I finally started to get hits, and I love it. I'm no guru, but I know your Club works, my webstats proove it!. After trying other's, It is the only resource that consistently brings me traffic. I really love this system.

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Have you heard about newsletters and ezines?

If you've been online at least a week, chances are you've seen these sometimes "pesky" things. If you're like me, you get dozens of them, delivered to your email box every week. Usually they're enlightening... sometimes annoying.

However you personally feel about newsletters... ignore it! They work!
Have you noticed those tiny ads at the bottom of all those newsletters?

That's what I'm talking about. Those tiny ads at the bottom of newsletters are making people rich.


Because you can buy one of those little ads for about $25.00 a pop. That's dirt
cheap, because that newsletter will get sent to thousands of people who have
subscribed to that newsletter.

What does that mean to you?

That's thousands of targeted buyers! Targeting is KEY.

Let's say you sell Baby Products. You can buy a small classified ad in a newsletter that covers a topic like "Mothers to Be". ( I'm just using that as an example) So you place your ad for baby products, in the "Mothers to Be" newsletter.


You just targeted your ad. Now when that ad goes out to 3000+ subscribers of "Mothers to Be", you can bet your bottom dollar that your targeted ad will bring in a lot more business than the $25.00 you spent on the ad.

Newsletters are an excellent marketing tool. I will show you where to advertise to more than 11,000 of them! Plus I include my complete database of the top 300 newsletters along with complete contact information.

Do you realize how long it would take you to review ad rates, demographics, and contact information for over 11,000 newsletters! You can subscribe to, or just read through the thousands of ezines available -- Automatically and at NO COST! You'll be able to quickly "Target" your advertising to your specific buyer.

Locating an appropriate newsletter, then trying to obtain ad rates, circulation, and ad deadlines, is a drag! Believe me, I've been there!

Newsletters 11,000 will simplify this process for you. No more searching for your topic of interest - The newsletter search engine will do the searching for you, and will reveal exactly which ezines you should be advertising in!

Place your ad in these ezines, and hold on tight!

I'll even get you started with over 60 ezines

where you can advertise for FREE! Yes, I said FREE!

I just compiled a listing over over 60 ezines that will actually give you a FREE ad. So what is the value of this list?.......... It's gold!

Here's why, suppose you were to place your ad in 50 of these publications. With an
average cost of $25.00 per ad, that's $1500 in free advertising!

If you've never placed an ad in a newsletter or ezine before... you must try this!

But before you write an ad, you better know what you're doing. You'll need a great "HEADLINE" I have all the Headlines you could ever want...

Learn about Hot Headlines
Learn about Hot Headlines!

Unsolicited Testimonial:
These free ads are teriffic! I never knew you could get quality ezine ads--for free, Keep up the great work Joe. You have made a BIG difference for me. I will be happy to recommend you to all.

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