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Got a web page?
Have you submitted it to all the search engines? What's the matter? Those guys charge too much? It takes too long to do it by yourself?

Your right!

My fully automated "Search Engine Submitter" will now let you submit your site to over 100 search engines automatically with one click..and at NO EXTRA COST! You can submit as many web pages, URL's, and domains as you want. You could even start your own submission service with this handy tool!

Stop wasting your time and money in outside services and software that:

A) Cost too much
B) Require further payment if you want the " latest " search engines.
C) Don't deliver as promised
D) Don't let you decide when and what you want to say when registering your site.

It's simple... do it yourself and do it the way you want just one click!
Enter as many different web sites as you'd like! Submit as often as you'd like. Most sites charge at least $49 PER SUBMISSION, but as an Classified Club member... you access it FREE! Anytime... all the time... 24 hours a day.

I just added a new META-TAG maker. What's a meta tag you say? Meta Tags are used by many search engines to "seek out" your web page and record that information in their searchable databases. So when people go to a search engine, they'll be able to find your web site.

THE PROBLEM: Meta tags can be awfully confusing. How do you code them? Where do you place them?

My new automated META-TAG maker will create them for you, then tell you exactly where to put them in order to rank higher in dozens of search engines all over the web.

It's so simple to use!
Just enter in a few keywords, a description of your web page, and click "CREATE".
The META-TAG maker will instantly create your customized meta tags and boost your site to the top of the search engines.

What's that you say? You don't have a web page?

Learn about the Web Page Maker!
Learn about the Web Page Maker!

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Learn About the Web Page Maker


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